31 July 2015

Nadine Arton launches 2016 capsule collections

Nadine Arton, the designer behind the brand GlamOnYou, has launched a 2016 capsule collection under her own name. Represented by dynamic cuts and distinctive prints, the City and All Around the World collections are targeted at women of sophistication and glamour.
Produced with Nadine’s renowned quality and craftsmanship, each collection is inspired by Nadine's travels. Billowing tops combined with skirts alongside dresses to suit any city or occasion are part of the City Collection. The Shanghai Kaftan is reminiscent of the modern and cultural Chinese city while the London dress will bring ladies from work to the evening soiree.

The All Around the World line combines vibrant and geometric prints, bright materials and pastel colours. Add a pop of polka dots to the wardrobe with the Venice dress or check out the crocheted Moscow long skirt for a global travel experience. 


View the collections in Nadine Arton’s showroom in Jumeirah, Dubai and at Salam stores in Wafi, Abu Dhabi as well as at Boutique Casual Chic, Kuwait.

*Images from Nadine Arton.