4 July 2015

PastaMania Singapore introduces limited edition SG50 fusion menu

Mum’s Salted Egg Soft-Shell Crab at
12 o'clock, Prawn Sambal-Pura at 2
o'clock, Shiok & Spicy Chilli Crab at 7
o'clock and Hei Bi Hiam Barramundi at
10 o'clock.
PastaMania fans in Singapore can now enjoy their fusion pasta from now till August. The SG50 Menu consists of pasta with a local touch, featuring the winners of the annual internal Chef Mania competition in celebration of Singapore's 50th anniversary.

Hana Lee, Director of Domestic Retail Business, PastaMania said, "PastaMania has always prided itself on providing the whole experience of wholesomeness, range of dishes, ingredients used and in-store ambience and we wanted to combine this with the unique celebration of the nation’s birthday. It’s our very own ‘Truly Singapore’ concept.”

There are four ‘Singapore meets Italy’ fusion pastas, three appetisers, two desserts and three infused drinks to try. The mains are all seafood based:

Shiok & Spicy Chilli Crab
Chilli crab is a 'must try' for tourists to Singapore. Chilli crab sauce flavours this al dente pasta dish, which is topped off with breaded crab claws. The dish is the brainchild of Chan Kar Jung, Outlet Chef. Chan has been with PastaMania for eight years. It is his first time creating a winning dish at Chef Mania.

Mum's Salted Egg Soft-Shell Crab.

Mum’s Salted Egg Soft-Shell Crab 
Salted egg sauce has always gone well with soft-shell crab. A zi-char (Editor's note: local stir-fry) favourite, expect thick, fragrant salted egg sauce tossed with spaghetti and fried soft-shell crab. Wong Seng Kit, Assistant Outlet Chef, has been with PastaMania since 2011. It is also his first time creating a winning dish.

Hei Bi Hiam Barramundi
This textured fish dish stars Barramundi from PastaMania's own fish farm for absolute freshness, paired with fried spicy dried shrimp. The tiny shrimp are called 'hei bi hiam' (虾米) in Chinese. Lim Yong Siong Calvin, Outlet Chef, has been working at PastaMania for eight years. While he has prior F&B experience, this is his first Italian restaurant.

Prawn Sambal-Pura
This dish is all about crunchy deep fried silver fish, also known as ikan bilis, large prawns and a sambal sauce that packs a punch. Ng Sook Enn (Ann), Senior Cook, has been with PastaMania for four years. This is her first time participating in Chef Mania.

Nenek's Secret Rojak.

Appetisers include Prawn Salad Stuffed Tau Pok, which are deep-fried chewy tofu pockets, Chop Chop Chicken Salad which includes pineapple rojak, a local salad, as well as Nenek’s Secret Rojak - a mouthwatering mix of rojak and vegetable pickles called achar.

Goreng Pisang Gelato.

To round off the meal, sample two gelato concoctions: Goreng Pisang Gelato, inspired by the local deep fried battered bananas. or Sago Manis Gelato, a spin on a soupy coconut milk dessert with sago pearls. PastaMania offers a refreshing combination of sago, brown sugar syrup and gelato for Sago Manis Gelato,while Goreng Pisang Gelato features crunchy banana cornflake balls oozing chocolate topped off with gelato.

The Milo Dinosaur, with
marshmallow 'teeth'.
To drink, there are three Freezers: Apple Lychee, Milo Dinosaur, a twist on a local chocolate-flavoured powdered beverage with more powder sprinkled on top, and Limau (lime) Mint, a mocktail take on a Mojito, with basil and mint.

Prices start from S$6.50 for appetisers, desserts or drinks, go up to S$16.90 (ala carte) for each pasta, and while a four-course meal will cost S$29.90.

Established in 1998, PastaMania is a 54-unit halal-certified chain of corporate and franchisee-owned restaurants; based in Singapore with presence in Malaysia, China, Brunei, Kuwait, UAE and Egypt. The brand seeks to bring great tasting Italian cuisine to the world at everyday prices.

Committed to offering high-quality dishes, only the “in-house PastaMania” brand of whole-peeled Roma tomatoes from Italy are used, and all pastas and pizzas are made from scratch at each outlet. The chain also provides delivery and catering services.


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*All pictures from PastaMania.