4 July 2015

Mobile-optimised sites get more sales: Criteo

Source: Criteo website, Q2 2015 State of Mobile Commerce Report.

Criteo, the performance marketing technology provider, has released its Q2 2015 State of Mobile Commerce Report. The report highlights that mobile devices are now responsible for 34% of global e-commerce transactions, while m-commerce accounted for 27% of all e-commerce transactions in Southeast Asia, putting the region at a similar level to Spain and Italy, and right behind the US.

The report also reveals that globally, more than 40% of e-commerce transactions now involve multiple devices. Smartphones, desktops and tablets are used in a variety of combinations to research and make purchasing decisions.

“Consumer adoption of mobile continues to be the biggest trend in both e-commerce and advertising today, and the pace of growth is astounding,” said Jonathan Wolf, Chief Product Officer, Criteo. “Marketers’ ability to leverage new technologies to accurately identify and reach consumers wherever they are is going to become critical, as this trend perpetuates and carries us toward a world where the majority of transactions will take place across multiple devices.”

“Southeast Asia is currently the fastest-growing region globally, with mobile being a key driver, especially in developing markets like Indonesia and India,” said Yuko Saito, Managing Director, Criteo Southeast Asia. “These developing markets are ‘mobile-first’ – most consumers will own smartphones before they own desktops, with potential for further growth as smartphone penetration continues to increase.

“For mature markets like Singapore and Taiwan, there’s a higher incidence of cross-device usage. But overall, for both developing and mature markets, mobile optimisation is crucial for e-commerce businesses looking to engage the region’s growing smartphone population.”

The findings in this report are based on Criteo’s analysis of 1.4 billion individual e-commerce transactions totalling over US$160 billion of annual sales globally. 

Additional takeaways include:

· Southeast Asia is set to follow the trends in the US – mobile-optimised sites experience more than double the conversion rate of non-optimised sites, where only 1.6% of consumers convert; mobile apps experience higher conversion rates than mobile browsers or desktops, accounting for half of mobile transactions for e-commerce players who invested in an app experience.

· Whereas mobile transactions in Southeast Asia now account for 27% of all e-commerce transactions, Indonesia stands at 34%, Taiwan at 31% and Singapore at 29%. More than half of all online sales in Japan and South Korea come from people who buy via mobile devices. Globally, mobile transactions are expected to reach 40% by the end of 2015. 

· Leading the charge are the fashion, luxury and travel verticals, with one in three transactions now on mobile devices.

“The customer purchase journey has become increasingly complex as consumers stop using a single device to make their purchases,” said Wolf. “Delivering engaging app experiences and connecting seamlessly with consumers across multiple devices are key to capturing e-commerce sales in this new world.”


Download Criteo’s Q2 2015 State Of Mobile Commerce Report