30 August 2015

Cafédirect launches Medium Roast Freeze-Dried instant coffee

Source: Cafédirect.

UK hot beverage company Cafédirect has stocked shelves of top Singapore supermarkets with a new carefully-blended, premium Medium Roast Freeze-Dried instant coffee. This specialty coffee is the pick-me-up solution for people constantly on the go - just add hot water for a smooth, vibrant and full-flavoured cup of coffee with roasted caramel overtones.

Trends show that more and more of the 80% of Singapore coffee lovers that prefer their coffee with milk have found a new love for black coffee. The reason for the switch is in the Cafédirect Master Blender’s formula of balancing sweet and chocolate-y Arabica beans from South America with all-rounder beans from the lush green highlands of Central America, and bright, bold-bodied East African Natural Robusta (60%) coffee beans.

This Cafédirect recipe combines the complex flavour of the medium roasted Arabica and Robusta beans for its body. Carefully selected for roasting to a pleasing medium 3 (on the scale of 1 to 5)*, the quality coffee is then freeze-dried to lock in nuances of flavour when the beans are at their freshest, releasing its distinctive aroma only on contact with hot water. The blend also soothes when milk or cream is added to it, for those who prefer their coffee mild or white due to the presence of Robusta. 

Cafédirect sources its coffee supply directly from the growers with whom they have established long-term relationships. Direct sourcing maintains high standards of quality, therefore, Cafédirect is able to trace the origin of their coffee beans and bring the authentic taste to the coffee-loving crowd. Half of the profits are also reinvested back into grower communities to enable them to continue delivering great tasting produce to customers of Cafédirect worldwide.

“Freeze-dried specialty coffee can be convenient and still taste great. Using freeze-dried technology, we are able to capture the essence of flavours in the coffee. With this enticing blend of instant freeze-dried coffee, today’s discerning consumers can incorporate coffee in their recipes or simply indulge in a café-quality beverage without the fuss, going out the door and the hefty price tag,” says Cafédirect Senior National Account Manager, Julian Burnham.


Cafédirect Freeze-dried Medium Roast instant coffee is priced at S$10.90 for a 100g jar. It is available at Cold Storage, FairPrice Finest, Giant Hyper, Jasons and Market Place.

The Cafédirect Giveaway

If you're in Singapore, follow me on Instagram and leave a comment here by September 7 2015 on why you love coffee to stand a chance to try Cafédirect Freeze-dried Medium Roast instant coffee. Winners will be contacted on 8 September 2015.

*To help you select a coffee strength that suits your taste, Cafédirect has placed a numbered icon on the label. The strength of the coffee depends on a number of factors, namely the composition of coffee beans in the blend, as well as the intensity of the roasting process for coffee beans. Instant coffees from Cafédirect span the range from 3 to 5. The Freeze-dried Medium Roast is a 3 which means that it is a medium roast coffee, perfectly balancing roasted notes with the full flavour of the beans where neither overwhelms the other.