17 August 2015

MTG releases SIXPAD training gear in Singapore

Source: SIXPAD website.
AIBI has introduced the Training Gear SIXPAD from MTG, a beauty device manufacturer. Designed by Professor Toshio Moritani, an expert on electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) and inspired by global football icon Cristiano Ronaldo, the SIXPAD aims to deliver toned muscles without the need for heavy training.

Professor Moritani’s 30 years of research have focused on the effects of EMS training on human muscles. He has determined that the most effective frequency for training is 20Hz, which is incorporated into the SIXPAD training programme.

Tsuyoshi Matsushita, President of MTG, added that the design of the product and its colours are inspired by Ronaldo’s lifestyle. The black and orange of the SIXPAD reflect the colours of Ronaldo's own accessories, for example.

The 84g device works by sending electrical signals to directly stimulate and exercise the muscles. It can be used any time and worn under clothing. MTG is confident that there will be strong market demand for the product, and expects to sell 3 million units of the Training Gear SIXPAD.

Pauline Kwek, Marketing Director for sole distributor AIBI International said, “We have tested the products ourselves and are convinced by the results. We are certain that it will be a hit.”

"There are no limits to what you can achieve. Body revolution is all about unlocking your physical potential. For me, EMS is indispensable to daily training," said Ronaldo. “MTG has a range of products and after using the Training Gear SIXPAD, I would use the ReFa ACTIVE products to help my muscles relax.”

AIBI International is the sole distributor of MTG’s Athletics beauty series which is endorsed by Ronaldo in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. Ronaldo also endorses the MTG ReFa ACTIVE and Facial Fitness PAO product families, which have sold over 1 million units in total.


Launch pricing for the Training Gear SIXPAD Abs Fit is S$299, and for the SIXPAD Body Fit focusing on the waist, arms and legs, S$229. Both are available at all AIBI stores island-wide.

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