23 August 2015

ZUK Z1 international edition to launch in September

ZUK, an Internet company backed by Lenovo, has launched the international version of its Z1 smart phone. The international version of the Z1 is expected to go on sale in Europe, America, the Southeast Asia and the Middle East from this September, priced from US$299.

ZUK and Cyanogen, a mobile OS company, are partnering to bring a customised Android experience to international users. The ZUK Z1 international version will be the first device from ZUK to come preloaded with the commercial Cyanogen OS. Cyanogen OS 12.1 is optimised for performance, power consumption, security and privacy.

ZUK announced the Chinese version of the Z1 in Beijing earlier in August. The company received over 2 million pre-orders within one week, and 40,000 handsets sold out immediately after the sales began on August 18.

The ZUK Z1 international version has almost the same topline hardware configurations as the Chinese version. The Z1 is the world's first smart phone featuring a reversible Type-C charging port with USB 3.0 level data transfer speeds. It also features a 5.5" 1080P FHD display, 3MB of RAM, 64GB of storage, and a 13-megapixel rear camera.
Source: ZUK website. The China version of the Z1.

Said ZUK CEO Chang Cheng: "We've had a great start in China market, and we wish we can achieve success in overseas markets too. We believe a great product sells itself."

Added Vikram Natarajan, Senior Vice President of Global Partnerships and Distribution for Cyanogen: "We recognise there is a great diversity of consumer needs in international markets. With the ZUK Z1, we're empowering users with a significant level of customisability and flexibility."