23 August 2015

LG G Watch R gets connectivity boost with Android Wear update

With the latest Android Wear update, LG's first-round smart watch, the G Watch R, will become Wi-Fi capable, the company has announced. The G Watch R is one of three LG Android Wear devices.

Latest Android Wear Update Brings Wi-Fi Connectivity to LG G Watch R
Source: LG.

LG's G Watch, G Watch R and Watch Urbane devices will be updated over the next few days as the firmware over-the-air (FOTA) update is rolled out around the world. 

In addition to G Watch R's new Wi-Fi capabilities, all three LG devices will now support interactive watch faces available for download from Google Play. Interactive watch faces allow users to tap on specific areas of the watch display in order to see additional related information.

The latest update also will allow LG's Android Wear devices to support apps that perform specific functions*, such as displaying a four-day weather forecast or performing translations in foreign languages right on the watch itself. As there's no need to pull out and turn on a phone, Android Wear apps deliver convenience and save time for users.


Read Google's blog post on the Android Wear blog

*Some features require a connection via Bluetooth to a compatible device with a data network