30 September 2015

Facebook Singapore creates a truly local office that facilitates creativity

Facebook Singapore's new office in South Beach has been designed to reflect the open, connected workplace culture. The company has incorporated unique cultural references and local flavour to create a workplace that is clearly based in Singapore.

The pantry, meeting areas and snack stands offer lots of space to network and chat. This stand is built like a traditional pushcart, and snacks are displayed in bamboo steamers.

The Facebook mahjong table looks to be another possibility for jumpstarting interaction and serendipity.

Local artists have been invited to contribute to the decor. The artwork on the staircases is by Dawn Ng and simulate the effect of being in a storm of pink confetti. One wall is devoted to a photography exhibit by celebrity Instagram photographer Aik Beng Chia.

The meeting rooms all have interesting names. One was called 'Kopi C Siu Tai', and two adjacents rooms were named 'Same Same' and 'Only Different'. Another is called 'Hiverabad', a play on 'hive' and 'Hyderabad'. This one is particularly inspired as 'C++' is a programming language while SEA is the acronym for Southeast Asia.

There are posters galore in the Facebook workplace, many of them inspirational. One of the most meaningful: Nothing at Facebook is somebody else's problem.

Instagram's Anti-Gravity Room offers amazing possibilities for images on Instagram.

The 'office supplies vending machine' stocks most of the common stationery and electronics accessories which might be needed in a typical working day, saving Facebook staff from the administrative effort of requisitioning items or going shopping.


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