1 September 2015

Golden Equator Consulting helps SMEs, startups progress to success

Golden Equator Consulting (GE Consulting), a business consultancy, has launched their Singapore operations to cater to SMEs and startups around the region. “...These businesses are crying out for strategic and execution partners that are able to shortcut the growth process, so that they can focus on the important parts of running their business,” commented Sharon Chong, CEO, GE Consulting.

The company features consultancy on all aspects of running a business, from advice on business strategy and sales positioning, financial support, to working on marketing, technology, HR and legal requirements. It is partnered with an independent asset management and private equity investment firm, Golden Equator Capital, giving it access to a wide network of investors and sources of funding.

SMEs today account for more than 96% of all enterprises in ASEAN with 170,000 located in Singapore alone*. “We see Singapore as a hotbed for tech startups due to the financial capital, government support and investment, infrastructure, stability, and a safe and transparent place to do business, with the added security of IP protection,” said Chong, observing that more than 170,000 SMEs account for over 99% of all businesses in Singapore**. 

GE Consulting’s projects include Campore, a retail and distribution company for international brands in Cambodia. Campore branched out with GE Consulting into the retail sphere via Central Mall, a department store. GE Consulting also helped the company secure distribution deals with international brands, including the sole distributorship of Vertu phones in Cambodia.

GE Consulting is also working with Eunoia, billed as the world’s first food and beverage (F&B) technology ecosystem that connects both new and legacy solutions with F&B merchants. This allows F&B merchants to select the best front-of-house and back-of-house technology solutions for their brand, and have them integrated into one consolidated platform and centralised dashboard for easy management. The company will be launched in Singapore and later regionally.

Singapore-based YOLO, another GE Consulting customer, works on the concept that healthy food should actually taste good. The company is the brainchild of Asia Apprentice finalist Alexis Bauduin, who is also Director, GE Consulting.

*Department of Statistics, Singapore
**ASEAN SME Policy Index, 2014