2 September 2015

Handbag app unveils the latest handbags on offer

Source: Google Play Store.

Swipe Boutique has released a new 'handbag swipe' fashion app for Android.

Users can browse thousands of recently released models from hundreds of leading brands, including the likes of Topshop, New Look and Michael Kors, among others.

The app enables shoppers to swipe through all these bags using what it describes as a "Tinder-like" interface. Users are also able to create their own individual wish list on the app, as well as using it to buy whichever product most catches their eye. Alternatively, details of particular handbags can be saved for later viewing.

A company spokesman for Swipe Boutique said: "What we love most is the way it takes so much of the legwork and time out of finding exciting new bags. And, of course, you can use the app any time you like, no matter where you are. With new bags being launched all the time, this app brings them to people's fingertips.

"The feedback we've had so far has been very positive. And we've been hearing that people have been swiping away on their daily commutes or to keep themselves amused during TV ad breaks. However you can use the Swipe Boutique app anywhere and at any time. Your dream bag is just a quick swipe away."

Swipe Boutique offers access to dozens of stores under one virtual roof, with more than a hundred brands to choose from, and some 30,000 bags in all to browse.

Swipe Boutique is available free of charge on Google Play, and the brand is also working on a version for iOS which is set to be released in the months ahead.


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