9 September 2015

Someline Apple Tree app grows apples for charity if you stay away from your phone

Source: Google Play.
Libern Lin, a student entrepreneur from Singapore's Republic Polytechnic, has taken his Someline Apple Tree app to the next level with the help of funding from the Singapore Computer Society (SCS).

The app encourages face to face interaction, with users growing digital apples for rewards if they leave their phones alone. Said Lin, creator of Someline Apple Tree: “After some thought, we felt that we could use this concept for the greater good. Hence, we decided to use the S$30,000 development fund provided by SCS to further enhance the app (by creating) a charity component for IDA’s Code for Charity*. 

"Moving forward, we are also looking to partner with retailers to provide users with additional incentives to put their phones down, as any apples grown will earn the user discounts and freebies in the store.”

Lin hopes to unlock S$10,000 worth of digital apples, sponsored by Singapore Pools, for the SG Enable charity. SG Enable runs a day activity centre aimed at providing care and skills training to adults with disabilities.

Download the app from the iTunes store or from the Google Play store  

*IDA's Code for Charity initiative enables participants to learn about coding while contributing to a good cause.