18 September 2015

South Korean workwear brand plans to expand internationally

Source: a.mont website.

A South Korean workwear brand is focused on going global. A.mont's online shopping mall is already available in Korean and English, and Japanese and Chinese pages are to be added soon. 

The company carries uniforms and workwear produced by professional designers. Customers include those in the restaurant business such as cafes, restaurants, and hotels, large corporations and cosmetics companies.

"Uniforms only had to be neat and clean in the past," said President of a.mont, Kim Hyuk. "However, today's trend for workwear is to reflect the culture and characteristics of the occupation or the company, and we reflect such demands in our products. We are operating the Design Research Center with 17 professional designers to study the trends in the world's fashion centres and to develop more refined uniforms." 

The company also engages in research to improve its products. For example, a.mont uses stain resistant, breathable, and wrinkle-free fabric for chef's uniforms.