16 September 2015

Xyrena introduces Aaliyah by Xyrena fragrance

Xyrena has released Aaliyah by Xyrena, a fragrance tribute to the late performer, who was known as the "The Princess of R&B." This first and only official Aaliyah fragrance was developed in close collaboration with Diane and Rashad Haughton, the singer and actress' mother and brother.

Source: Xyrena.
"I grew up with Aaliyah's music," said Killian Wells, CEO of Xyrena. "As a huge fan, this is a very personal release for me and my company. We set out to create a fragrance to be cherished by Aaliyah's fans and also introduce her to a new generation."

By consulting with both her mother and brother, Xyrena was able craft a true aromatic tribute inspired by actual fragrances Aaliyah wore, 14 years after her tragic passing.

The resulting fragrance is unisex but leans masculine, as Aaliyah favoured traditional men's scents in line with her signature image. The formula is also a hue of black, which was Aaliyah's favourite colour. Aaliyah by Xyrena has base notes of vanilla, sandalwood, amber, and jasmine; middle notes of black pepper, violet and leather; with top notes of mint, lavender and mandarin.

"It has been wonderful working with Xyrena to create an incredible fragrance that embodies the beauty, mystery, and creativity that my sister infused into every aspect of her life," said Rashad Haughton.


Aaliyah by Xyrena is a luxury extrait de parfum and is available for pre-order (at Xyrena.com/Aaliyah) for US$64 (international orders accepted). Shipments will begin in mid-October. Xyrena will donate 5% of the gross sales from the fragrance to The Aaliyah Memorial Fund.

View the official commercial spot, which includes popular Vine stars Joey Arias and FiƱa DuBois.

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