3 October 2015

Spotify identifies 1,369 musical genres - so far

Spotify has identified some of the strangest-named genres available today, thanks to a music intelligence platform that learns about music in real time to identify clusters of acoustic attributes.

"When a new genre forms, we know about it, so you can discover it right away, too," said Spotify's Data Storyteller Eliot Van Buskirk in a blog post.

The platform tracks how various songs and artists are trending among actual music fans, within genres, and can help fans compare genres like Luk Thung, Benga, and Zim.

Spotify's list of 50 strangest-named genres includes:

Drone folk: Drone music made with traditional folk instruments (guitar, banjo, strings, and possibly hurdy-gurdy).

Fallen angel: A dark, often-orchestral, form of metal that features female vocals.

Lowercase: Extreme ambient minimalist music featuring very quiet sounds, such as ruffling of papers, then amplifying them to an extreme volume.

Nerdcore: Hip hop music catered to 'nerds', with lyrics that may include science fiction and computer games.

Vegan straight edge: Hardcore punk that espouses a vegan and drug-free lifestyle. Lyrics feature themes about animal cruelty and clean living.


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