2 October 2015

Smartfren Android subscribers to get smart start screen from Celltick

Source: Android Play Store.
The MySmartfren app.
Celltick, a mobile marketing provider, has partnered Smartfren Telekom (Smartfren), a telecommunications company in Indonesia, to launch an intelligent start screen for Android subscribers.

Smartfren will provide its 12 million subscribers fast access to their most frequently used applications and functions, including special offers through a customised version of Celltick’s Start that will be preloaded on Smartfren Android devices. Existing Smartfren users will be able to download promotions via SMS broadcast, the Smartfren website or the Mysmartfren application.

Start provides users with an intelligent start screen. Smartfren users will get a quick view into the most relevant news, personal social media feeds, weather, web search and more. With the latest version of Start, users can personalise their start screens with stickers and play interactive games utilising innovative lockgames technology. Start utilises a recommendation engine that uses big data techniques and collaborative filtering methodologies to adapt the start screen to users based on how they use their device.

“We are committed to providing technologies that add value to the mobile lifestyle of our subscribers, while making it easy for them to use it. Celltick Start allows us to lead the way in providing the best of breed mobile experience on the best of breed network available in Indonesia. We continue to show our commitment to providing high value to our subscribers with this partnership,” said Hermansyah, Head of Service of Smartfren. “By working with Celltick, we will provide localised and targeted services that build loyalty and deliver value to our millions of subscribers.”

"We continue to focus on developing an intelligent, engaging start screen that users love and value,” said Ronen Daniel, CEO of Celltick. “Adoption of Start by Smartfren is further proof to the market leadership position of our value proposition and the joint vision of both companies to provide high quality services to Android users. We are fully committed to ensuring success of this partnership.”

The Start ecosystem includes hundreds of themes, plug-ins, stickers and lockgames (Editor's note: games that can be played on a locked screen). In 2014, Celltick powered billions of mobile-initiated commerce transactions for virtual and physical goods, serving more than 150 million active consumers across 25 countries.