21 October 2015

Tableau brings free data visualisation to the iPad

Tableau Software today announced Vizable, a free mobile app to help people see and understand data with an iPad.

With Vizable, Tableau brings approachable data analysis to more people. The app makes it possible to explore data by using gestures such as pinching, swiping and dragging, allowing people to sculpt data into visualisations in seconds.

“There is no great app to see and understand a spreadsheet visually, using only a tablet,” said Tableau Vice President of Mobile and Strategic Growth, Dave Story. “This is an incredibly common scenario. Whether you’re a teacher with students’ test data, a small business with the day’s sales, a cyclist with ride stats, or an executive with the past hour’s web site traffic - Vizable brings analytics to more people by engaging them with their data like never before.”

Vizable is ideal for people with personal or business data they want to analyse. The first version works with data in CSV files and Excel (xls or xlsx) files. Visualisations created in Vizable can be shared with friends and colleagues through email, instant message, or social media.


Vizable is currently available worldwide in the Apple iTunes store in English. It supports data in many international formats today, and will be translated to other languages in the future.

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