9 December 2015

Australians tell Kleenex all about clean

Source: Kleenex.

Kimberly-Clark’s toilet tissue brand Kleenex uncovers what Australians think about cleanliness* in conjunction with the recent launch of the Kleenex Luxury Collection toilet tissue.
  • Almost a third of Australians (32%) say they feel they could be cleaner.
  • More than eight in 10 (84%) will refrain from going on a first date if they don’t feel clean.
  • Being clean has significant emotional benefits: the feeling of ‘clean’ helps Australians feel fresh (84%), and more confident (48%).
  • Half of the participants surveyed think 'cleaning your intimate area' is the most difficult topic to discuss in conversation, compared to topics such as sex, religion, politics, and money.
“These research findings confirm that now more than ever, Australians want to feel clean and confident, and therefore need the best a toilet tissue can offer,” explains Kimberley Finsten, Marketing Manager - Household & Intimate Care at Kimberly-Clark Australia. “The launch of our new Kleenex Luxury Collection will drive category value for the consumer and reframe the segment to think about key benefits such as clean. This is what toilet tissue should be doing and communicating, beyond the current product attributes such as soft, strong, and long.”
The new Kleenex “Luxury Collection” is available in two ranges, Aloe Vera and Clean Sensation. The Aloe Vera Luxury product is enriched with the unique benefit of Aloe Vera, providing a soft and gentle touch with every use. The Clean Sensation product is a luxuriously soft, thick and absorbent toilet paper, designed with ripple technology to provide the ultimate in softness, thickness and absorbency.
*Kleenex Toilet Tissue Clean Report, based on 853 participants across Australia, 2015.