11 December 2015

Letv gets a million Facebook likes in 60 days

Source: Socialbakers.

Letv, which is yet to officially announce its launch or commence marketing in India, has already received a million likes on Facebook in 60 days. Socialbakers states that Letv is the leading and fastest growing page in phone brands in India. In contrast, Xiaomi India took over 400 days to reach the same milestone*.

Letv has been in the popularity charts on Facebook in the last month, competing with established brands like HTC, Motorola, Lava, Vivo and Xiaomi in India. The Letv Facebook page - which has a 90% response rate and 56-minute response time to every post - is flooded with posts from fans asking for launch dates.

The company confirmed that it is entering India. Letv operates on six screens: mobile, tablets, computers, TVs, cinemas, and cars.

View the thank-you video on Letv's Facebook page
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*Source: Socialbakers