16 December 2015

Matrade to facilitate SME-large corporation partnerships

Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE) has announced an initiative to help boost Malaysia’s exports of services. The Large Corporation-SME Partnership Programme aims to increase the number of partnerships between Malaysia’s large corporations and SMEs for international projects by way of procurement of the SME’s services by the large corporation. Under this partnership arrangement, SME service providers will benefit in terms of knowledge transfer, capacity building and international exposure.

The partnership programme will run for five years, until 2020, and targets to assist a minimum of 10 SMEs and three partnerships yearly. Participation into the programme is open to Malaysian companies involved in the services sector or companies aspiring to export their services.

“Collaboration between large corporations and SMEs is the way to go. The partnership will give SMEs the opportunities to enhance their capabilities and gain exposure in foreign ventures with large corporations. Mentoring and emulating best practices should be encouraged in business,” said Dato’ Dzulkifli Mahmud, CEO of MATRADE.

The partnership programme is one of the initiatives listed in the Services Sector Blueprint which was launched in March 2015 by YAB Prime Minister of Malaysia Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Haji Abdul Razak. The Blueprint outlines strategic approach to optimise the services sector’s contribution to Malaysia’s economy. The services sector contributed 55% to the gross domestic product (GDP) in 2014 and provided eight million jobs, representing 61% of total employment of the country.

Exports of services in the Q315 increased by 1.7% to RM34.14 billion (year-on-year basis) and higher by 3.9% compared to Q215. The increase in exports were contributed mainly by higher exports of telecommunications, computer and information services (TCIS), construction as well as transports sector.

Table showing a list of the ICT and electrical and electronics events that MATRADE plans to participate in.
Source: MATRADE Export Promotion Programmes 2016. Event participation in ICT events for 2016.

The week before, MATRADE unveiled its Work Programme 2016, listing 150 programmes that the trade promotion agency is participating in for the next year. The programmes were selected by factoring in the prevailing global and domestic macroeconomic trends such as the growth of emerging markets and the modernisation of international economic governance.

MATRADE’s Work Programme 2016’s lineup is in accordance with the National Export Council (NEC) strategies that emphasise on addressing the immediate needs of the Malaysian trading community and improving their export presence around the world. The programmes are set to complement NEC’s other strategies towards improving Malaysia’s export ecosystem.