16 December 2015

Ninja Van launches self collection service

Ninja van
A Ninja Van delivery van.

Southeast Asian logistics provider Ninja Van has launched Ninja Collect for self-service delivery.

Lai Chang Wen, CEO, Ninja Van, said: "Young Singaporeans nowadays live very busy lives. They work, hang out with friends.. There's no time to waste during the day. I understand the frustrations of having to put aside a few hours on any given day just to wait for my e-commerce purchase, which is why I felt the need to expand our range of services to include Ninja Collect. We want to give young Singaporeans the autonomy and flexibility to pick up their parcels at a time and place that is most convenient for them.”

With Ninja Collect, customers can collect their parcels from either Ninja Boxes or Ninja Points. Ninja Boxes are automated parcel lockers strategically located in accessible and urban sites including universities and business parks. Ninja Points are partner retail shops also located in urban areas with high footfall. Customers can currently collect parcels from retail, pharmaceutical, hardware and grocery outlets.

Customers of a participating e-commerce vendor can select convenient Ninja Collect venues online, then specify the Ninja Point as the shipping address when they checkout. Once the parcel has been delivered to a Ninja Collect location, the customer is notified via email or SMS and given a verification code. The code must be verified, either with the cashier at a Ninja Point or scanned at a Ninja Box, before collection.

Ninja Van says it currently runs the largest network of collection points across Singapore, and is looking to expand. The company welcomes all retail establishments, regardless of size, to become Ninja Point partners, and e-commerce businesses to integrate Ninja Collect services with their e-commerce websites.

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