22 December 2015

Singapore, Australia offer the best speeds for mobile data

Source: Ericsson South East Asia and Oceania regional Ericsson Mobility Report.

Singapore is the only Southeast Asian country with mobile network connections fast enough to assure a smooth delivery of high-bandwidth applications – such as video streaming – to consumers on their mobile devices, says Ericsson.

Singapore is also the first and only country in the region to have smartphone subscription penetration of more than 100%, according to the latest edition of the Ericsson South East Asia and Oceania regional Ericsson Mobility Report*, published November 2015.

Singapore and Australia have reached the point where high definition video streaming can be delivered anywhere there is mobile network coverage** due to their leadership in deploying LTE and LTE-Advanced infrastructure. LTE adoption also helps increase app coverage for operators. Singapore has already reached 100% population coverage with LTE while Australia has reached 90%. By the end of 2015 LTE will represent around 40% of total mobile subscriptions in Australia and 50% in Singapore. In both countries, this number will have increased to around 80% by 2018.

”As societies become more connected, communications are increasingly app-centric and consequently, high expectations are placed on network performance,” says Nicholas Seow, President of Ericsson Singapore and Brunei. "This is significant as one of the most demanding apps in terms of performance – video streaming – will account for almost 70% of all global mobile data traffic by 2021. Different countries will face different app coverage challenges depending on the apps users are consuming.

"Singapore’s regional leadership in network performance has been clear for a few years now as evidenced in our latest reports. With nation-wide LTE-Advanced coverage and a growing ecosystem of compatible devices becoming available to Singaporeans, we can only expect this trend to continue.”

Source: Ericsson South East Asia and Oceania regional Ericsson
Mobility Report.
The report adds that:
  • The amount of data used monthly by each active smartphone will increase substantially from an average of 1.2 GB in 2015 to approximately 9 GB by 2021.
  • Population coverage for LTE will be more than 75% by 2021. 
  • LTE/5G subscriptions are forecast to gain momentum and surpass 500 million by 2021, driven by 3G migration and new services like VoLTE (Voice over LTE).


Download the report (PDF)

*This South East Asia and Oceania Report is a supplement to the global Ericsson Mobility Report, and shares the differences across the South East Asia and Oceania region, including smartphone uptake, mobile broadband plans, and network performance.

**Analysis performed by Ericsson based on Ookla’s Speedtest Intelligence Data from Speedtest.net