18 December 2015

TeamAhoy launches people-focused project management software

Source: TeamAhoy.
Australia-based TeamAhoy (formerly Birds Eye View) have launched the first public version of their project management software, which the startup says is more people-focused than the competition.

Founder Damian Bramanis said: "Team members are human but most project management software don't take this into account. TeamAhoy is an application for managers that is simple, and puts people first."

With TeamAhoy, managers have a landscape view across their team and can see members' priorities, provide quick feedback and add descriptions, checklists, images and attachments to tasks. A weekly report feature allows managers to provide regular feedback and speak with their team members about their priorities, achievements and challenges.

"Our software increases communication between managers and their teams so that staff feel they are being heard and managers can give regular feedback," Bramanis stated. "Good project management should be uncomplicated and people-focused."