5 January 2016

EZVIZ debuts new action cams

The FIVE action cam from EZVIZ takes up to 128GB microSD cards.
Source: EZVIZ. The FIVE action cam.
EZVIZ, a Wi-Fi cloud camera and video surveillance kit manufacturer, will be showcasing a new line of action cameras at CES 2016 that is targeted at sports enthusiasts and content creators.

The EZVIZ FIVE action cam, starting at US$299.99, features the Ambarella A12 chipset and a built-in 2" IPS touchscreen at 320x240 resolution; a 900mAh battery and continuous recording at 4K/15fps. Electronic image stabilisation, noise reduction; and a lens distortion corrector are all included. The company also points out that local storage on a 128GB microSD memory card is supported, whereas comparable action cams only allow up to 64GB capacities.

Said Albert Lin, EZVIZ GM: "We've skipped the expensive endorsement sideshow and have put that budget towards making exceptional cameras more affordable to content creators."

The company is also rolling out the EZVIZ FIVE+ action cam, which uses the Ambarella A9 chipset and priced from US$399.99. EZVIZ said that it is among the few manufactures with access to high performing chipsets of the Ambarella A9 processor family.

Like the FIVE the FIVE+ has a built in 2" IPS touchscreen and supports up to 128GB in external memory. The premium model has a Sony IMX image sensor and f.2.8/158-degree lens, 1,200mAh battery that delivers 90 minutes of continuous recording at 4K/30fps; a built-in electronic image stabiliser and G-sensor; dual mic noise cancellation and lens distortion correction.

"The FIVE+ action camera is for individuals who refuse to compromise on quality. It's quite simply the strongest product at the best price but without the expensive endorsements and hype," said Lin. "We're confident this camera will knock some share off the market leader."

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