22 January 2016

HOTPING sees sales outside Korea grow to 100 million won

Magic pants are popular at HOTPING.
Source: HOTPING website.
Highly elasticated pants.
Korean women's clothing specialty mall HOTPING entered the global market in July 2015 and has since seen monthly international sales surpassing the 100 million won mark, contributing 10% of total sales.

"We believed that winning new markets quickly would secure future competitiveness after we started up in 2014 and we launched the English, Chinese, and Japanese versions of our online mall through the global e-commerce platform of cafe24," explained CEO Kim Yeo-jin. "We received orders from international customers even when we had the Korean site only, which also quickened our entry into the global market."

HOTPING is a portmanteau word mixing 'hot trend' and 'pink'. The platform caters for plus sized women with sizes from 44 (equivalent to XS in the US) to 105 (equivalent to XXL) for most of its products. The company has reached prominence through sponsoring the wardrobes featured in Korean costume dramas, especially in countries swept by the Hallyu, or Korean Wave, notably the US, China, and Japan. News anchors have also been enquiring about sponsorship. HOTPING is becoming popular with its line of Magic Pants, which are highly elasticated pants that can be worn comfortably.

"We will continue to make efforts to win new markets and will also continue offering beautiful clothes to our customers at reasonable prices like we do now," said Kim.