10 February 2016

Ameyo launches cloud-based omnichannel contact centre offering

Ameyo, a provider of contact centre technology and services integrations, has launched Ameyo Emerge, a cloud offering that helps businesses to communicate seamlessly across channels.
The platform addresses the challenge emerging businesses and startups face in defining an optimised and efficient communication flow to streamline customer interactions.

With Ameyo Emerge, emerging businesses such as hyperlocal mobile app aggregators, marketplaces, and e-commerce sites can now create contact centres without investing in hardware or coding. Apart from voice capabilities, Ameyo Emerge also provides email support, in-app chats, social media, and SMS integration, in a single unified interface. A workflow engine allows businesses to create customer interaction workflows across voice, social, email, and mobile channels. Best practices are supported, such as 'provider push' which automatically pushes service providers to customers when a service level agreement is breached.

"In today's business realm, interaction platforms are falling short on multiple levels. They are typically limited to voice or non-voice capabilities, and analytics are limited solely to the web. The innovative features of Ameyo Emerge has given a new dimension to customer interaction management and contact centre technologies. The Emerge platform has been specifically designed for startups and emerging business models in order to help them in scaling up their core business rapidly with improved operational efficiency. This powerful and reliable combination will offer new levels of customer engagement in India, which was not possible until now," said Nayan Jain, CTO, Ameyo.