12 March 2016

Balinese sarong secrets revealed via the Sarong Concierge programme, Ritz-Carlton Bali

The Ritz-Carlton, Bali has unveiled a Sarong Concierge programme, further complementing its immersive Balinese experiences for guests. Led by Tresna Dewi, the resort’s Sarong Concierge, this half-day journey invites guests to discover the different kinds of Balinese textiles and learn about the creation process.

Admired for their beauty and pure artistry, textiles or 'kamen' in the Balinese language is a length of colorful fabric wrapped and tied around the body, often worn by men and women in Southeast Asia and the Arab peninsula. Sarongs are reflective of the historical traditions of Bali and are worn for many different types of occasions.

Tresna, a highly-respected member of the local community, will showcase four kinds of fabric that are mainly used as sarongs in Bali. This will include seeing samples of textiles and learn about the distinct characteristics of each sarong. Tresna will also lead the guests to an artisan workshop in Gianyar regency – renowned for arts and crafts – to see the behind-the-scenes production process of 'endek', the capital’s official cloth, from the threading to spinning and dyeing, and then weaving. Tresna will also demonstrate the etiquette of wearing a Balinese sarong and walking elegantly in it royal-style, among other activities.

“The most interesting element of the sarong creation is the production of the textiles,” says Tresna . "I’m always fascinated to see the process of spinning thread one by one to follow the pattern, before it continues with the weaving process. I look forward to inviting guests into our culture by providing insight of this traditional Balinese style and how it integrates into the daily life in Bali.”


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