14 March 2016

Guvera announces Apple TV support, product update

Source: Guvera. Guvera apps on mobile phones.
Source: Guvera.
Guvera, the brand-funded music streaming service, has announced a major product upgrade and integration with Apple TV. 

The Guvera 3.0 app features music channels as well as a new range of editorial content – including artist interviews, news articles, reviews, photo galleries, brand competitions, and products. 

“Music is not just about the tracks - there's an entire culture and lifestyle integral to each genre. While we continuously innovate our product offering to enhance the immersive entertainment experience for our users beyond the app, we are equally committed to creating a complete and dynamic experience on our digital platforms,” said Hazel Savage, Head of Marketing and Operations, Guvera Asia.

In addition, Guvera is making music discovery more personal thanks to new social features that allow listeners to share songs, playlists, and articles directly with their followers in-app or on social media platforms. Brands and artists can now also engage with their followers by sharing curated playlists or the latest albums.

“Music is all about connecting people and expressing ideas and culture. This is why we’ve super-charged Guvera Social and introduced Music Channels,” said Robb Snell, Head of Product, Guvera. “We’re helping members more easily navigate their music experience and at the same time encouraging music discovery.

Guvera is one of the first brand-funded music streaming companies to launch on Apple TV. The support for Apple TV allows Guvera Platinum users to stream music through their Apple TV sets. The Guvera app, which is also available on the Apple Watch, makes music discovery personal on Apple TV with a simpler, more intuitive interface.

Said Damien King, Chief Technology Officer, Guvera: “Guvera has always focused on innovation and we’re thrilled to be one of the first music streaming services on the fourth generation platform.” 

Last year, Guvera extended advanced audio buffering technology to all users. The data saving function stores a copy of a downloaded song on the device, significantly reducing the data impact of playing the same song in future.


Guvera on Apple TV is available to Platinum subscribers and can be downloaded on the osTV App Store. Guvera is available through App Store and the Google Play Store on iOS and Android