6 April 2016

Contribute to World Vision in the Philippines via the Gift It app

Charity World Vision has partnered with Gift It, a “crowdgifting” app that allows people to launch personalised gift campaigns to fund gift items from merchant shops or charity causes from foundation partners.

“Gift It makes it very easy for people to give anytime anywhere, while at the same time making them more aware of our programmes. The help goes a long way in our efforts to empower children through programs in education, disaster risk reduction and management, livelihood and economic development,” Jun Godornes, World Vision Director for National Resources and Development said.

Gift It has a social aspect, allowing friends to share in contributing to the amount. 

Piloting in the Philippines, the app offers payment facilities like Internet banking, ATMs, over the counter options, payment centres, and GCash, the mobile phone-based micropayment service.

The app will soon be available in other countries like India and Indonesia.