24 April 2016

DBS discloses phone-based phishing campaign targeting Singapore residents

DBS has warned that a phishing campaign is targeting Singapore residents with automated phone calls. With over 4 million customers in Singapore alone the likelihood of scammers locating a DBS account holder is high.

According to a statement on the DBS website, the calls start with an automated voice message in English or Mandarin, claiming to be from DBS Bank and that an urgent message awaits them. The call recipient is then directed to enter “0” or “1”. This connects them to a Mandarin-speaking person posing as a DBS staff member who will claim there were credit cards applied for in their name and that they owe money to a Shanghai company. When the customer states they did not apply for the credit card, the alleged staff member will request personal and/or bank information, or transfer the call to another person who will claim to be a Shanghai police officer and request personal and/or bank information.

DBS advises recipients of such calls not to provide personal or bank information to unsolicited callers. "Never give out any sensitive personal information (including login passwords or one-time passwords) over the phone or via email. Our staff will never ask you for such information," the bank stated.


Recipients of such calls and those who have disclosed personal information should inform the DBS customer centre at 1800 111 1111 (in Singapore) or +65 6327 2265 (calling from overseas) immediately.