29 April 2016

Essilor launches new Varilux progressive lenses for instant focusing and sharper vision

· Presbyopia, often called long-sightedness, will be an increasing concern in Singapore as the population’s median age hits 40

· Varilux, the progressive lens brand, introduces patented new technology to rejuvenate vision

· The new Varilux lenses enable instant focusing and natural, sharper vision even in low light

Source: Essilor Singapore. From left: Peter Tan, Managing Director, Essilor Singapore and Malaysia; Francois Bes de Berc, Vice President, Asean, Essilor AMERA; Ivan Chuavon, Vice President, Marketing, Essilor AMERA; and Dr John Ang, Vice President, Education & Professional Services, Essilor International.
Source: Essilor Singapore. Singapore welcomes the launch of the latest Varilux range of progressive lenses. From left: Peter Tan, Managing Director, Essilor Singapore and Malaysia; Francois Bes de Berc, Vice President, Asean, Essilor AMERA; Ivan Chuavon, Vice President, Marketing, Essilor AMERA; and Dr John Ang, Vice President, Education & Professional Services, Essilor International. 

As Singapore’s population ages from a median* age of 39 years old (2015) to a projected 47 years old in 2030, presbyopia is likely to be a growing health concern. More than 500 million people globally are suffering from presbyopia today, with an estimated 714 million people worldwide over 65 forecast to have this condition by 2020**.

The natural change in vision can occur as early as in the 30s, though mostly when people are in their 40s. Over time, the flexibility of the lens in our eyes harden, making it difficult for the eyes to adapt the lens shape to focus on near objects, and to switch between focusing between near and far objects. It can disrupt daily activities, as people with presbyopia may not be able to read alerts on smart devices or menus in low-lit restaurants.

The correction options available in the market include reading glasses, which correct vision up to about 40cm away, requiring a second pair of glasses for distance viewing. Progressive lenses remain the most convenient and non-invasive method to correct one’s vision instantly. “As more people are doing intense near work, they are more dependent on optical corrections for presbyopia,” said Dr Koh Liang Hwee, President of the Singapore Optometric Association. 

Source: Essilor Singapore. Close-up of a lens on a stand.
Source: Essilor Singapore. Varilux 3.0 is the latest generation of Varilux progressive lenses. 

Essilor says that progressive lenses like those just launched by Varilux, are the optimum solution to achieve natural, sharper vision at any distance. Instant focus is now achievable for wearers with the new Varilux Physio; while the new Varilux Comfort enables sharper vision in all light conditions, and Varilux Liberty allows the ease of access of the right vision zone.

“The latest Varilux progressive lenses are sophisticated, bespoke creations designed to be a perfect fit according to the optical and facial profile of the wearer – the physiology of the pupils in both eyes, the shape and contours of the face and even the position of the ears. We use the finest craftsmanship to create a premium product that provides sharpness and clarity even in low light, delivering truly effortless vision every day,” said Dr John Ang, Vice President of Education & Professional Services of Essilor International.

Source: Essilor Singapore. Close-up of hands examining a lens under a microscope.
Source: Essilor Singapore. Every lens undergoes the touch of a master craftsman.

Sharp vision even for smaller frames

The latest generations of Varilux Physio, Comfort, and Liberty are designed to offer an ultra-short corridor for more accessible near vision. This means all three versions of progressive lenses can fit stylishly into any frame, including smaller ones.

Path Optimizer facilitates access to the right vision zone

One of the most challenging parts of progressive lens design is managing the in-between viewing zone. The new technology takes into account the wearer’s characteristics to generate a precise and optimal viewing path, from far to near and everything in between, so that each and every part of the viewing path matches wearer’s eyesight.

Sharper vision even in low light 

Varilux uses patented W.A.V.E 2.0 lens technology for both Varilux Physio and Varilux Comfort to successfully create progressive lenses that engage the eyes as naturally as possible. Using a proven technique, the lenses are designed to better adapt to the pupil size and the light passing through in order to deliver the best resolution.

By emulating what the eye can do naturally, they provide the wearer with postural comfort and optimum clarity of vision that feels natural across any distance.

Synergy between eyes for instant focus

Varilux Physio lenses are made using Binocular Booster lens technology that simultaneously analyses the prescriptions of both eyes, taking into consideration that a person’s vision is at its best when both eyes are working together in sync. This allows Varilux Physio lenses to provide effortless vision at all light levels and instant focus at any distance, whether it is looking out for street signs and then reading a smartphone immediately after.

Try before you decide

Potential customers can try out the latest generation of Varilux lenses with the use of virtual reality (VR) via the Nautilus VR headset. Via an interactive 360-degree experience of different options from lens design and coatings to the effects of dust and fog, the Nautilus gives the wearer a glimpse of improved vision offered by the latest Varilux lenses. This technology by Varilux will be available in Thailand, mainland China, Taiwan, and in the Middle East in 2016.


Varilux Physio 3.0 lenses have a recommended retail price (RRP) of S$540. Varilux Comfort 3.0 lenses have a RRP of S$420. Varilux Liberty 3.0 lenses have a RRP of S$300. The lenses are available in all major optical shops in Singapore. Selected Varilux Experience Authorized Dealers can offer a free firsthand experience of how vision can be rejuvenated by progressive lenses with the use of virtual reality via the Varilux Experience.

*The median age is the age which divides the population into two equal halves.