14 April 2016

Malaysia Debt Ventures launches Bumiputera Technology Fund

Malaysia Debt Ventures (MDV), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Minister of Finance Inc., in collaboration with Unit Peneraju Agenda Bumiputera (TERAJU), has launched the Bumiputera Technology Fund (BTF) for technology-based companies.

The development of the new BTF programme is a step forward in the collaboration between MDV and TERAJU, which has helped to create a pipeline of quality and sustainable bumiputera* entrepreneurs. MDV and TERAJU are continuing the momentum with the new fund, totalling RM100 million. Bumiputera technology-based companies that are listed under TERAJU’s SUPERB and Syarikat Bumiputera Berprestasi Tinggi (TERAS) programmes are eligible for BTF funding..

Nizam Mohamed Nadzri, MDV’s Senior Vice President of Corporate Services said, “The BTF is envisaged to ensure a more comprehensive financing ecosystem for bumiputera companies, in particular, technology-based companies. The fund also targets to fill in the funding gap that exists for startups under SUPERB, as a follow-on funding programme to the grants received from TERAJU.”

He further explained that the BTF is a progressive proposition for MDV from the perspective of MDV’s dual mandate to provide development financing and nurturing to technology SMEs in a sustainable manner, particularly as the fund will fund graduates of the SUPERB programme who may require nurturing to achieve their goals.

Apart from improving access to finance, particularly for startups in the technology sector, the shari'ah-compliant fund also serves to fulfill customer demand for more diverse Islamic facilities.

To be eligible for financing under the BTF programme, TERAS and SUPERB companies must be incorporated in Malaysia with a minimum paid-up capital of RM100,000 and possess viable projects that are within the technology space. Financing facilities offered will be from a minimum of RM500,000 to a maximum of RM5 million. All applications made for financing under the fund will be subject to assessment based on MDV’s credit risk criteria as well as risk assessment processes, which are geared towards financing technology companies and projects.

MDV was established by the government of Malaysia in 2002 to provide flexible, innovative credit financing to developing high-impact and technology-driven sectors of the economy, identified and prioritised by the government as future engines of growth. As one of the agencies in Malaysia solely focusing on technology-related sectors, MDV aims to be the leading technology financier in the country. Since its establishment more than a decade ago, MDV has financed numerous technology projects in various sectors as it strives to fulfil its mandate and developmental role in the technology industry.

*Also spelt 'bumiputra', the term typically refers to people of indigenous Malay ethnicity.