17 April 2016

Meet moringa, the superfood

Green Virgin Products, a provider of responsibly harvested and ecofriendly moringa products, has released a new guide about the benefits of moringa.

Green Virgin calls moringa a 'superfood', quoting studies finding that a single serving of the powder (in capsule form) contains over 40 antioxidants, 70 nutrients, 8 amino acids and a long list of vitamins, minerals and anti-inflammatories. The company uses a far-infrared drying system to dry the moringa within hours of harvest, then package it within eight hours of harvest in triple-layer, resealable packages that contain a specially designed oxygen absorber in the pouch to help prevent sun damage and oxidation.

Moringa (M. oleifera) trees are also called drumstick or horseradish trees. The leaves, roots, flowers, bark, sap and fruit have been used traditionally, some for food and some for folk medicine. Pubmed research dating as far back as 2007 have outlined moringa's pharmacological properties. As recently as 2015, a Phytotherapy Research abstract noted: "A rapidly growing number of published studies have shown that aqueous, hydroalcohol, or alcohol extracts of M. oleifera leaves possess a wide range of additional biological activities including antioxidant, tissue protective (liver, kidneys, heart, testes, and lungs), analgesic, antiulcer, antihypertensive, radioprotective, and immunomodulatory actions."

A 2012 meta-study of moringa in past studies showed indications that it can help people with diabetes or fatty livers, with better glucose tolerance if used over time. Another 2012 study also noted that it seems to be beneficial for diabetes. A 2014 experiment on moringa leaf extracts in cold water separately showed that it could damage lung cancer cells with much less damage to normal cells.

It has not been established however which formulations of moringa extracts are the most effective for various outcomes, and the results not strictly apples-to-apples as the moringa was prepared differently in different research reports. Researchers have also pointed out that research subjects might unconsciously act to fulfil a certain outcome if they know that they are taking moringa.


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