22 April 2016

Visa creates Visa Business Hub to help SMBs with technology and strategy

· Visa Business Hub to provide software-as-a-service (pay as you use) services that can help SMBs save up to 25% on IT expenses

· A Business Academy on the hub will provide latest trends on a range of topics via videos and expert opinions

· Malaysia and Singapore are the first markets to try the hub

Visa has set up the Visa Business Hub for small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) to help them navigate potentially confusing technology and gain insights on managing their companies better. Singapore and Malaysia are the first markets where the hub has been launched.

About 80% of companies in Singapore say in a survey that their decision to acquire SaaS/cloud was because of ‘best practice’ – that this technology is seen as ‘the way forward’ and not a fad. Among users of SaaS/cloud, 37% expect to upgrade or take on more software. Upgraders are motivated by cost saving, efficiency, but most of all just by ‘keeping up with technology’.

According to the survey, about half of Malaysian businesses conduct international trade. CRM software is the least adopted software, but like other software, it increases in adoption with larger SMBs (30+ employees).

The hub incorporates software-as-a-service that Visa says can help companies save up to 25% on IT expenses. The pay-on-use model  reduces upfront costs and implementation time for IT. A Business Academy section will provide tips on business success via videos and expert opinions. The hub includes resources related to sales, marketing and customer communication, work collaboration, project management and customer relationship management (CRM), human resources, accounting and legal, and website building and hosting. 

The platform is also designed to help banks increase usage of commercial cards (also called corporate cards, or cards that are issued to companies for corporate use) by allowing offers and discounts relating to SaaS and cloud services to be paid for through a commercial card.

“SMBs are a key segment for Singapore, given that they contribute to almost 50% of our country’s GDP and 70% of the workforce. At Visa, we constantly look to create solutions that are innovative and meet the needs of our clients. The launch of Visa Business Hub will be able to address the key strategies that SMBs mall are looking for, including improving customer service and increasing productivity through streamlining of processes,” said Ooi Huey Tyng, Visa Country Manager for Singapore and Brunei. 

Awareness of cloud services is at 76%, and overall usage is at 34%. The survey also revealed that 40% of businesses might consider SaaS or cloud services in the future, showing that there is a need for a platform such as the Hub.

Vikram Kshettry, Head of Small Business Products, Asia Pacific, Visa said, “Modern businesses face increased demands from their stakeholders to be digitally-enabled and this is often daunting.  With the portal, SMBs can improve cash flow, optimise business processes, while reducing IT spend and complexity.  SMBs can also access advice and coaching from industry leaders on how to stay competitive.  For Visa clients, the portal will ensure deeper engagement with SMB customers and differentiate their solutions.”


Visit the Visa Business Hub. The first six digits of a Visa commercial card must be input to enter the site.