26 May 2016

Akamai's secrets to e-commerce success

Running a successful e-commerce business can be challenging when half of all shoppers expect websites to load in less than two seconds or they won’t return, Akamai warns. The company has created an infographic with two fundamental ways online retailers can boost their e-commerce businesses, by understanding the customer today, and by delivering "faster, smarter and safer". 

E-commerce behaviour is trending towards mobile devices, for example. According to the infographic, mobile and tablet shoppers shop 20% more frequently than desktop shoppers, and spend US$500 more over the same period, pointing to mobile support as increasingly important.

More crucially, there is now a "two-second" rule. Besides abandoning a site if it takes more than two seconds to load, 20% of customers never return to a slow or crashing site, and will complain about it very visibly in social media.  "Compare and optimise response time across websites to cater for different platforms such as Android vs iPhone," Akamai further suggests.

Source: Akamai. Infographic on e-commerce tips.


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