5 May 2016

Plantronics turns headsets into data aggregation tools

Plantronics has announced Plantronics Manager Pro v3.8 and the new Asset Analysis suite. Plantronics Manager Pro is a software subscription service that customers and partners can use to manage audio communications devices, enabling them to gain insights into their business communications processes, how to streamline them, and generate more positive outcomes such as increased first call resolution.

The Plantronics Manager Pro Asset Analysis suite allows users to:

• Track device deployment and configurations, reconfigurations, and firmware updates
• Find non-standard firmware, software, softphone, and communications client deployments
• Use user personas to define standard device settings that ensure an optimal user experience and comply with workplace security, health, and safety policies.

When analytics are built directly into business processes, it helps reduce human and financial resource expenditure. Plantronics Manager Pro with Asset Analysis enables the IT manager to quickly run an inventory report to see who has particular headsets, their operational status, and to which softphones they are connected. 

One of the greatest values is seen by customers deploying new unified communications. Customers can identify user personas throughout their organisation and match the right headset to their communication styles. With Plantronics Manager Pro, they can subsequently establish the right mix of system-defined and user-defined settings and push them out to the headsets, so that on first use, everybody’s experience is customised to their requirements. This service can help speed user adoption through reports showing if and how the headsets are being used, and can ensure valid configurations. It also lets IT know things like who may benefit from additional training or configuration changes.

Plantronics Manager Pro with Asset Analysis allows contact centre managers to equip customer service representatives (CSRs) with the right tools to provide the best customer experiences. The service allows the contact centre manager to create standard configurations for the CSR workspace that foster the best customer and CSR experience, and lock them in place.


Plantronics Manager Pro and Asset Analysis suite are available under an annual subscription from Plantronics Approved Resellers in Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore for the Asia Pacific region. The offer will be expanded globally in the coming months.

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