18 June 2016

HubSpot reveals what buyers really want from salespeople

HubSpot’s latest report, Asia Pacific Buyers Have Spoken: Sales Needs to Evolve, reveals what buyers really want out of the sales experience, from discussion topics for the first call to the appropriate time to meet sales.

According to the research, it is not so much that sales is getting harder as much as traditional sales tactics are losing their efficacy. The problem is that sales tactics today do not match up with buyer expectations. If salespeople can cater to what buyers want, the conversions will happen, HubSpot says.

The research provides insights from consumers in Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia like:

· More than half (57%) of salespeople agree that buyers are less dependent on sales during the buying process. During the awareness stage, buyers rely on search, vendor websites, and newsletters/emails as their top channels to find information. They opt to connect with a sales representative point when they are ready to buy.

- One-third of buyers in the Asia Pacific region (APAC) seek out product demonstrations early on in the buyer’s journey. This is contrary to the prevalent belief that product demos are a final closing action. One solution is a prerecorded video demo that is clearly visible on a vendor’s website, which can double up as a useful prospecting and qualifying tool for companies that have products that require demonstrations.

- Almost half (47%) of buyers find information from marketers trustworthy but just over a third (36%) of buyers trust information from sales. However, buyers are likely still missing crucial information that is not really available online, information that only a salesperson can provide. It is important to know how long an integration/installation will take, how long it typically takes to see results, or even if the product is a proper fit for an organisation. While buyers are ready to talk pricing, salespeople should also raise such considerations by asking buyers open-ended questions.

Source: HubSpot. Asia Pacific consumers say what they want from sales.


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