25 July 2016

Angloinfo and Nexus form JV to roll out more sites for expats in Asia

Source: Angloinfo's Hong Kong portal.
Source: Angloinfo's Hong Kong portal.

Angloinfo, the global expat network, and Nexus have formed the Angloinfo Asia joint venture (JV), with its first product the Angloinfo.com/hongkong site. The portal has been soft-launched phase with the full site scheduled to go live in August 2016.

The JV intends to roll out further local editions of Angloinfo across Asia and in China in the coming months to serve the burgeoning expat populations in those markets.

James Jackson, Chief Operating Officer of Angloinfo commented: "(Nexus') team have an unparalleled knowledge of Asia both from a media and from an expat point of view. By combining that expertise and knowledge base with Angloinfo's own experience and knowhow, we have created an exceptional company uniquely qualified to roll out the Angloinfo product offerings in Asia."

Tak Man, Managing Director of Nexus said: "Angloinfo Hong Kong is a great place to begin. But we will build on that with further new sites in other parts of Asia and, in time, develop the Angloinfo brand to offer events and other customised marketing solutions."

Angloinfo and Nexus will invest equally into the Asia operation which will initially form a team in Hong Kong in the area of content, ad sales and marketing. The shareholders envisaged that this team will expand both in size and geographic scope as the business expands across Asia.