20 July 2016

Tough Mudder Bali to be held in Jimbaran Hijau

Source: Tough Mudder Bali. Event poster.
Source: Tough Mudder Bali. Event poster.
The ultimate test of physical strength, teamwork stamina and mental grit will debut in Asia on 1 October, 2016 at Jimbaran Hijau (Bali International Park), an integrated development in South Bali.

Founded in 2010 and known as “probably the toughest event on the planet”, Tough Mudder is the obstacle course that challenges participants to work as a team and overcome both physical and mental obstacles as a team while taking part in an extreme endurance event.

The 16km course for Tough Mudder Bali will feature obstacles that emphasise teamwork and camaraderie and test physical and mental strength. “We’re thrilled to bring the Tough Mudder experience to Southeast Asia for the first time with our debut event in Bali,” said Will Dean, CEO & Founder, Tough Mudder.

“Since the beginning, Tough Mudder has always been about creating life-changing experiences, and as a company we are committed to bringing that experience to thousands of new Mudders. We look forward to bringing Tough Mudder to such an iconic location in 2016, as well as expanding the company’s footprint into Asia through our partnership with Seroja.

Source: Tough Mudder Bali. Tough Mudder Bali will take place in Jimbaran Hijau.
Source: Tough Mudder Bali. Tough Mudder Bali will take place in Jimbaran Hijau.

Jimbaran Hijau, 30 minutes from Nusa Dua and 45 minutes from Seminyak/Legian, is situated among forests, flatlands and cliffs, offering a truly unique Tough Mudder experience.


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Register for Tough Mudder Bali is now. Tickets can be purchased for October 1 or 2.

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