12 September 2016

Starbucks Teavana now available in Asia Pacific

  • Iced and hot tea beverages with layered flavours now handcrafted at Starbucks stores
  • With the launch across Asia, Teavana beverages and teas are now available in Starbucks locations around the world
Source: Starbucks. Starbucks Teavana comes to Asia Pacific outlets.
Source: Starbucks. Starbucks Teavana comes to Asia Pacific outlets.

Starbucks Coffee Company has introduced Starbucks Teavana as a core offering in more than 6,200 stores across its 16 markets in the China and Asia Pacific region. A new brand for Starbucks in Asia, Starbucks Teavana handcrafted beverages and full leaf tea sachets offer unique iced and hot tea beverages with layered flavours, handcrafted by Starbucks.

“The launch of Starbucks Teavana in China and Asia Pacific brings an entirely new and modern tea experience specifically developed for our customers, who increasingly want new and different tastes and experiences,” said John Culver, Group President, Starbucks Global Retail. "This is a tremendous opportunity to leverage the company’s expertise in creating best-in-class retail experiences, handcrafting customised beverages, and sourcing the finest ingredients, to become a leader in a new category for us. Just as we’ve done for coffee, this is tea reimagined at Starbucks.”

Tea is a US$125 billion global category and is the second most consumed beverage in the world, second only to water. The launch of Starbucks Teavana is the first time Starbucks has launched a brand on this scale since 2008 with the launch of Starbucks VIA Ready Brew.

With Starbucks Teavana, Starbucks also draws on its long heritage of commitment to using only the most premium, high-quality ingredients. Leveraging deep relationships with tea growers, Teavana sources the world’s highest-quality teas and botanicals. Starbucks sourcing and blending experts cup (taste) hundreds of teas daily to select only the finest teas for Starbucks Teavana.

Starbucks Teavana will be available in stores across all its markets in the China and Asia Pacific region: Australia, Brunei, Cambodia, mainland China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

Starbucks Teavana beverages include matcha & espresso fusion, black tea with ruby grapefruit and honey, iced shaken green tea with aloe and prickly pear and iced shaken hibiscus tea with pomegranate pearls, whose availability will vary by market. The beverages have been specifically developed for Asian customers.

Source: Starbucks. Matcha & espresso fusion.
Source: Starbucks.
Matcha & espresso fusion.
Matcha & espresso fusion
Matcha powder layered with milk and Starbucks signature espresso roast creates a layered beverage that combines coffee and tea, to be enjoyed hot or iced.

Black tea with ruby grapefruit and honey
Traditional Western black tea combined with tart star ruby red grapefruit, perfectly portioned in honey for a touch of added sweetness.

Iced shaken green tea with aloe and prickly pear
Familiar green tea paired with refreshing diced aloe and syrup of prickly pear – a cactus plant native to the American Southwest.

Iced shaken hibiscus tea with pomegranate pearls
Starbucks Teavana hibiscus tea and bursting pearls of real pomegranate juice.

Starbucks Teavana full leaf tea sachets

Nine new Starbucks Teavana hot teas will be offered. Availability and range of beverages may vary by market. They include:

Black teas

English breakfast – A handcrafted blend of Indian Assam, Sri Lankan Ceylon and Chinese black tea.

Earl Grey – A blend of black teas, bergamot essence and lavender.

Chai – A tea blend with ginger and black pepper, cardamom and sweet cinnamon notes.

White teas

Youthberry – Inspired by super fruits, acai fruit is blended with tropical pineapple and mango flavours with high quality white tea, balanced by rosehips and green apple.

Green teas

Emperor’s clouds and mist – Exclusively harvested during the month of April and grown on the steep, windy slopes of Huangshan Mountain at 3,500 ft above sea level, this tea has a rich body and is naturally sweet.

Mint citrus – This refreshing blend combines green tea, lemon verbena, tropical lemongrass, and US Pacific Northwest sourced spearmint for a citrus green tea experience. Chun Mee (珍眉, precious eyebrows) is the green tea base for this blend.

Herbal teas

Hibiscus – Juicy papaya and mango combined with citrusy lemongrass for a naturally caffeine-free blend. Hibiscus flowers lend the tea a slight tartness and a deep fuchsia colour.

Mint blend – This tea’s spearmint base is rounded out with peppermint notes and undertones of lemon verbena. The mint leaves come from the highly sought after Pacific Northwest mint, known for its high amount of mint oil.

Chamomile – The chamomile used for this soft, soothing floral blend is from Croatia.