15 September 2016

Syfy's HALCYON VR murder mystery to be available on the Samsung Gear VR

Source: Syfy. HALCYON investigates a VR murder.
Source: Syfy. HALCYON investigates a VR murder.
Syfy, the destination for imagine-based entertainment, will premiere its original hybrid virtual reality (VR) series, HALCYON, on 22 September at 10pm. The series is produced by Secret Location, a multi-Emmy and Cannes Lion Award-winning content studio specialising in emerging platforms.

HALCYON is set in 2040 and follows Julie Dover, a detective in the Virtual Reality Crimes Unit, as she investigates the first real-life murder to take place within virtual reality – a crime that shouldn’t even be possible – and the conspiracy she discovers behind it. Directed by BAFTA-nominated Benjamin Arfmann (Random Stop), HALCYON provides cliff-hangers across TV, online and VR platforms that will move viewers to find out what will happen next.

To give viewers the ultimate experience, Syfy Asia has teamed up with Samsung for the series to be available on the Samsung Gear VR. Sporting an ergonomic design and ultra-high resolution display, the Samsung Gear VR allows users to enjoy HALCYON episodes in a truly immersive and cinematic manner. Episodes will alternate between short-form and VR to showcase a next-level entertainment experience that combines the immersive nature of VR with the narrative arc of a linear TV series.

While HALCYON’s story can be understood from its linear episodes alone, watching both linear and VR episodes will allow viewers a more enriched experience. For viewers who only watch the linear episodes, a short recap of the previous VR episode will be played before each linear episode begins, to ensure that they will be able to follow the complete storyline.


The 15-episode series consists of 10 x 5-minute linear episodes available to binge-watch on TV (Syfy – StarHub Channel 517), online and on VR (Samsung Gear VR).

TV viewers can catch the first episode of HALCYON on the Syfy channel (StarHub channel 517) on 22 September, Thursday at 10pm

Episodes will be available online anytime from 22 September

In addition to the 10 episodes, viewers will also be able to enjoy five special episodes that will be available exclusively via the HALCYON VR app, which can be downloaded from the Oculus store for US$4.99 from 22 to 25 September and for US$9.99 from 25 September on the Samsung Gear VR.