3 September 2016

TomTom GO 520 GPS navigator adds Wi-Fi, live updates

TomTom's new TomTom GO 520 GPS navigator uses Wi-Fi to ensure automatic updates. Other new features users can look forward to include real-time, traffic information and Lifetime TomTom Traffic, Lifetime Maps and Lifetime Speed Camera alerts.

The new TomTom GO 520 also supports voice recognition. It reads out text messages, allow handsfree calling, and is compatible with personal assistants like Apple's Siri, Google Now, or Microsoft's Cortana. Users can search using voice, have the TomTom GO read out messages when they arrive or make and take calls via voice control.

The TomTom GO 520 has artificial intelligence and is able to learn a driver's habits. That means it can predict a destination*. Navigation for a regular commute becomes automatic, including avoiding traffic. If there is a traffic jam or speed camera, the TomTom GO 520 will sound an alert in good time.

Chris Kearney, VP APAC, TomTom Consumer, said: "The new TomTom GO 520 GPS navigator represents our focus on making technology so easy to use that anybody can benefit from it. Wi-
Fi updates, smartphone integration, predicting your destination – even Lifetime services. Each element works towards removing the headaches associated with driving, and allows people everywhere to relax and enjoy the journey ahead."

The TomTom GO 520 features a 5" screen, a sleek finish and quad-core innards. It also supports a smartphone connection for live alerts on traffic and speed cameras.


The new TomTom GO GPS will be available from late September at selected retailers in Singapore.

*Destination prediction learns the driver’s preferences, regular routes driven, etc., over time.

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