8 October 2016

Adobe lists some tips for mobile-friendly email campaigns

Email is here to stay, according to Adobe’s annual email survey - at least in the US. The report, which surveyed US white collar workers, found that people constantly check their personal and work email, with smartphones overtaking computers as the device consumers use most regularly to check email. 
This trend is likely to be even stronger in Asia, where mobile device uptake is very high. A report by Experian has found that email continues to come out a top channel for marketers in Singapore, particularly as the biggest driver of online-to-offline conversion.

Adobe’s Kristin Naragon, Director of Email Solutions, has some tips for  designing mobile-friendly email campaigns:

Keep it simple
"This may seem obvious, but the simpler your email, the better your chances are of it displaying properly on mobile devices. When optimising for mobile, think about what offers, links, and images are most important to display," she advises in a blog post.

Optimise for touch
"Remember that customers will be navigating your emails using their fingers — not (mice). Make sure your links and buttons are large enough and have enough space to make them easy to tap," she recommends.

Use images
Naragon adds that screens might be small, and suggests making text "easy to read and to the point". "Remember, an image is worth a thousand words," she says.

Clear call to action.
Naragon also said that it should be obvious what the reader should do as a result of the email. Calls to action are best placed near the top of the email, she recommends. "Don’t force your reader to scroll too much to get to the point," she says.

Leverage technology for testing
Technology can be helpful for editing and testing your email content, especially when there are so many devices, apps and formats available today.