7 October 2016

App identifies users who have crossed paths in the past

Dating app happn is officially launching in Singapore in October 2016.

The launch follows the global dating app achieving over 110,000 organic signups in Singapore over the past six months, with nearly one in five people having registered on the island.

This gives Singapore, which has a population of 5.7 million, happn’s highest number of users per capita in Asia. Surrounding countries in Asia with a high uptake of happn include Thailand with 310,000 users, Hong Kong with 170,000 and the Philippines with 130,000.

Launched in Paris in February 2014, happn quickly expanded internationally, and is now present in more than 40 major cities in the world – with the Asia region being a strong focus of growth for the brand.

Unlike other dating apps, the happn experience starts in real life. The app’s real-time geolocation shows a timeline of the people that users have crossed paths with and keeps encounters memorised to connect later - giving a second chance at a first encounter.

The official launch will see happn roll out a series of initiatives and partnerships across Singapore to reinforce the brand’s ‘real time element’ and further boost its contemporary positioning - with a focus on culture, fashion, eating and drinking and music.

In June 2015, happn was the first dating app to partner with Spotify, allowing its users to send music to each other. The move was one of the dating app's innovative functions.

The launch also follows happn’s recent move to feature content from key advertisers. Further announcements for happn Singapore are to be made over the coming months.

Didier Rappaport, CEO and Founder of happn, said: ‘The success of happn so far in Singapore has been phenomenal. To have such a high uptake without being formally active in the region shows a great potential for happn and we look forward to further establishing ‘real world dating’ across Singapore’.

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