3 October 2016

Tableau gives software free to non-profits, NGOs, charities

Tableau Software, working through the Tableau Foundation, is giving free licenses of its visual analytics software to small non-profits, non-govermental organisations (NGOs), and charitable community-based organisations in 192 countries. The company has also created the Tableau Service Corps, a volunteer network of Tableau employees who are eager to help nonprofits see and understand their data.

“We started the Tableau Foundation with a mission to encourage the use of facts and analytical reasoning to solve the world’s problems,” said Neal Myrick, Director, Social Impact at Tableau. “By removing the barriers to entry, small nonprofits can better manage programs, tell impactful stories, or increase the effectiveness of fundraising efforts through data.”

The Global Journal estimates that there are approximately 10 million non-profits and NGOs globally, and a 2013 Johns Hopkins University study estimates that 7.4% of the global workforce is involved in non-profit work. However, few organisations are harnessing the vast volumes of data they capture to further their work.

Data can have enormous value to these organisations, enabling them to increase transparency and accountability, expand their relationships with funders, discover new trends in their programmes, and tell more powerful stories about their communities, Tableau says.

Tableau Desktop is drag-and-drop software that helps people to analyse and answer questions with data in real-time. Results can be shared with other Tableau Desktop users through the free Tableau Reader, or posted online with Tableau Public.

The Tableau Service Corps is a volunteer network of Tableau employees who will answer requests for help on data-focused projects. While separate initiatives, the two programmes are launched simultaneously so that any nonprofit can use Tableau software and have access to experts who can help make the most of it.

The announcements also fulfill the commitment that Tableau made to the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data in October 2015. At the launch event, Tableau pledged to make its business intelligence software available to small organisations in all non-embargoed countries to promote inclusiveness and data driven development in pursuit of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

To qualify for the software donation, organisations must be recognised as a charitable institution in their home country and have an annual operating budget under US$5 million. Organisations of any size can request volunteers through the Tableau Service Corps.

The programme is administered through TechSoup, a nonprofit that offers free resources to nonprofits and libraries and charges an administration fee to facilitate the product donation.


Get free Tableau software at http://www.tableaufoundation.org/free. Book a Tableau Service Corps volunteer visit at https://servicecorps.tableaufoundation.org/browse.


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