7 November 2016

La Yeon, The Shilla Seoul's Korean fine-dining restaurant, gets three Michelin stars

Source: The Shilla Seoul. Nine delicacies at La Yeon.
Source: The Shilla Seoul. Nine delicacies at La Yeon.

At the inaugural Michelin Guide Seoul 2017 launch at The Shilla Seoul’s Dynasty Hall, the hotel's traditional Korean fine-dining restaurant La Yeon was awarded the prestigious Michelin three-star rating. Acclaimed for its authentic flavours, service, ambiance, and drink pairings, La Yeon is the only restaurant that is part of a hospitality brand in Seoul to receive three Michelin stars.

Every detail at La Yeon reflects an understanding and appreciation of Korean culture. Since opening in August 2013, La Yeon has offered reinterpretations of classic recipes using modern culinary techniques, complemented by tableware from Korean artists La Ki-Hwan and Lee Ki-Jo. The restaurant distinguishes itself with unique presentations of recipes dating back to ancient Korea.

La Yeon’s recognition in the Michelin Guide is a testament to The Shilla’s long-standing commitment to quality and exemplary service. To explore new heights, the restaurant regularly visits restaurants in Tokyo, Hong Kong, and New York for research and development. La Yeon’s dedicated team of buyers, recipe developers, and food connoisseurs source authentic, seasonal ingredients and only 100% Korean-made premium products. Every year, the team personally visits over 100 local suppliers to ensure quality standards are met.

Ingredients used at La Yeon include grouper, codfish, bamboo shoots, pine nuts, edible wild plants, and Hanwoo (한우, beef from a particular type of Korean cattle). The restaurant also offers a wide selection of drinks which are carefully selected to complement the dining experience.

“Since opening three years ago, we have continuously strived to recreate the best of Korean cuisine,” says Executive Chef Kim Sung Il. “The recognition is a result of our combined teamwork and motivates us to further our vision of sharing the beauty of Korean culture to guests from around the world.”

The Michelin Guide Seoul 2017 is the fifth guidebook to be launched in Asia following Japan, Hong Kong & Macau, Singapore, and Shanghai.