3 November 2016

SMF invites Singapore businesses to attend a mission to India in early 2017

The Singapore Manufacturing Federation will be organising a business mission to Ahmedabad and New Delhi, India, from 8 to 12 January 2017.

Business opportunities will focus on sectors such as automation technology, metal & machinery, engineering, energy & chemical, infrastructure & construction, electrical & electronics, life sciences, lifestyle, food & beverage, logistics, water, and retail.

Planned activities include meetings with Chief Ministers, key government officials and industry leaders in Ahmedabad and New Delhi as well as networking sessions with Indian companies. There will also be tailored business matching sessions based on participants’ areas of interest.

Participants will also attend the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit 2017, which runs from 10 to 13 January 2017. The event is expected to host over 5,000 delegates worldwide.

The Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit at Mahatma Mandir, Gandhinagar, Gujarat is one of the biggest international business events in India. It is a visionary approach towards inclusive development by ensuring policy driven governance and effective business promotion. The biennial summit is a unique platform for exploring investment opportunities, sharing knowledge and networking while address the current challenges facing India, bringing together heads of state and government, policy makers, corporate leaders, intellectuals and experts from across the world to further investments and promote economic cooperation.

Gujarat offers excellent connectivity and is a gateway to the northern and central markets of India. With its manufacturing sector contributing over 25% to the state GSDP, and a base of large-scale industries with over 2 million SMEs employing up to 15 million people, Gujarat contributes up to 7.14% of India’s GDP, 19% of India’s industrial output and exports and is a pioneer in harnessing clean energy. Gujarat is consistently ranked among the top achievers, being the state with the largest producer of pharmaceuticals, chemicals, petrochemicals, salt, soda ash and marine products. It has the highest number of ports handling over 40% of India’s cargo and has one of the largest investment projects in solar, wind power and bio gas generation.

According to the SMF, India is poised to emerge as a leading global economy with average GDP growth of 7.9% for the last 10 years (FY04 to FY13). The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, formerly Chief Minister of Gujarat has injected a new sense of confidence into the economy and the nation is on a fast track of growth under his stewardship. With manufacturing as the government’s key focus, the Make in India initiative is expected to be a vital component in India's quest for achieving wholesome economic development. Policies and incentives are being liberalised for foreign companies to operate in India and with a population of more than 1.2 billion, India’s total working-age population is poised to rise from 749 million to 962 million, accounting for about 28% of the increase in the world’s total working-age population by 2030, thus providing an abundant pool of working force population and an enormous consumer market.

"India is expected to be the next growth destination, ranking amongst the world’s most attractive investment destinations as well as fastest growing economies. Therefore we strongly urge you to take this opportunity and start exploring the immense resources and potential the India market can offer for your business growth and expansion plans," said the SMF in a statement.

Ahmedabad is the largest city and former capital of Gujarat and the administrative headquarters of the Ahmedabad district. It is the second-largest industrial centre in western India with chemical, pharmaceutical, garment and textile industries as the key drivers of the Ahmadabad economy and also one of the largest exporters of gems and jewellery in India.

New Delhi, the capital of India, is the largest commercial city in northern India with the second-highest per capita income in India. It is also the fastest growing state in India, with a highly developed commercial sector and a large working age population supported by excellent educational facilities and quality infrastructure.

Owing to its strategic location, connectivity and rich cultural history, New Delhi has always been a prime tourist attraction and is a key arrival/departure point for both foreign and Indian nationals.


The cost for SMF members is approximately S$2,700 per person and for non-members, about S$2,850 per person. The costs may vary based on the date of booking and are exclusive of business visas and travel insurance.

Eligible companies can apply to IE Singapore for the Double Tax Deduction Scheme (DTD) for travel and accommodation costs for up to two employees per participating company. For more information, visit http://www.iesingapore.gov.sg/wps/portal/DTD

Call +65 6826 3085 for more information

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