3 November 2016

Evie the AI assistant takes the work out of scheduling

Technology startup mimetic.ai has launched Evie, an AI scheduling assistant that helps organise business meetings.

Evie independently corresponds with other parties on the user's behalf until meetings are locked into all schedules. Users experience a significant reduction in back-and-forth e-mails, and an improvement in productivity. Early users have included professionals in recruitment, sales, e-commerce, entrepreneurs and startups.

According to mimetic.ai, it takes an average of 4.4 emails to schedule one meeting, and with a scheduling assistant like Evie, the scheduling negotiations, timezone calculations, followups, calendar invites, and reminders are all done for the user.

Evie also offers premium features for businesses including the ability to operate on a corporate domain, look at co-workers' availability and book meeting rooms.

“Evie is an AI-powered scheduling assistant that anyone can use,” said co-founder of mimetic.ai Praveen Velu. “Too much of our time and energy is being wasted on repetitive and low-value tasks like scheduling. As a result of this, the workday has become much longer. With Evie, you now get hours of your time back to spend on the things that matter because you never have to deal with finding common dates, following up and rescheduling.”

Leveraging technology in natural language understanding and decision-making, Evie does not require any special commands or syntax, and understands the language used in emails.

“At Carousell, we have fully integrated mimetic.ai’s assistant into our work, and she has now become our very own personal scheduling assistant,” said Chai Jia Jih, VP, International at Singapore-based e-commerce platform Carousell. “Evie is smart, and can read and write emails like a real person. She is extremely natural in the way she corresponds that we’ve actually had folks show up for meetings asking for Evie at reception.”

"The era of humans learning to communicate with machines is at an end. Evie, a digital AI employee who speaks and understands human, is the future. With nothing to learn or download, everyone can now harness the power of AI to get the job done," said Jin Hian Lee, co-founder of mimetic.ai.

Lim Qing Ru, Co-Founder of Zopim, now Zendesk Chat said: “I love it. Who doesn’t like a smart AI personal assistant?”

Drew Graham, Co-Founder of payments network Wobe Indonesia added: “I was sceptical how much Evie could help me as arranging every meeting is always an edge case - it's never simple.  I was blown away by how easily she handled different requests, timezones and cancellations.”


Evie is available worldwide starting at US$19.99 per month for an annual subscription. Evie works with Google Mail, Google Apps (now Google Suite) and Office 365 accounts. Users can sign up using their email address with no need for plug-ins or downloads.

Watch the video introducing Evie

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