30 December 2016

Goodwood Park Hotel celebrates the Lunar New Year with an abundance of delectables

Celebrate spring with Goodwood Park Hotel’s new selection of Lunar New Year Goodies, yu sheng (lohei) platters, and savoury Prosperity Specials.

Symbolising fortune, the pineapple is the focus of this year’s takeaway goodies. Goodwood Park Hotel has also created two new yu sheng platters – the Prosperity amberjack lo hei and the fruity lo hei with rosemary plum sauce, as well as a range of savoury delights.

A special English Afternoon tea spread showcasing favourite classics and Lunar New Year treats will also be available at the high tea destination L’Espresso from 27 to 30 January 2017.

Lunar New Year goodie highlights*

Duo of Prosperity Fish (mango with Pomelo and Sago & Durian Pudding) 年年有余 | Available for takeaway at The Deli Takeaway, S$115.55 nett for 10 persons

Guests can also opt to purchase a pair of durian pudding fishes for S$126.25 nett.

Auspicious golden pineapple (黄金旺梨) - 1kg 
Available for takeaway at The Deli, S$94.15 nett

Handcrafted by the hotel’s pastry team and then gilded, this approximately 9" tall vanilla pound cake has five layers sandwiched with butter cream. The pineapple symbolises an abundance of wealth.

The Huat! Tart.
The Huat! Tart (富贵发达) - 500g
Available for takeaway at The Deli. Takeaway: S$40.65 nett

A large version of the quintessential festive treat, this 6.5" pineapple tart is created with a homemade fresh pineapple reduction infused with vanilla. It is crowned with an auspicious 發 character, (fa, which means prosperity) and colloquially pronounced as ‘huat’.

Traditional new year cookies and chips
Available for takeaway at The Deli from S$21.20 nett to S$36.15 nett per jar

Goodwood Park Hotel’s festive snacks have garnered a loyal following, particularly for its macadamia & chocolate chip cookies, almond cookies, yam chips and the popular ‘chiku’ (arrowhead) chips. New this year are pistachio cookies.

Spicy salted egg yolk lotus root chips (辣椒咸蛋莲藕片) Available for takeaway at The Deli, S$36.15 nett per jar

Homemade chips generously coated with salted egg yolk crumbs, spiced up with chilli padi and curry leaves.

Prosperity specials at Min Jiang and Min Jiang at One-North*

Prosperity yu sheng this year includes a crispy salted egg yolk fish skin ‘Lo Hei’ (酥炸咸蛋鱼皮捞起) prepared in the hotel. The above, as well as popular varieties of yu sheng are served with julienned vegetables such as white turnips, carrots, and yam as well as accompaniments like pickled ginger and jellyfish in a zesty homemade sauce. 

Source: Goodwood Park Hotel. Options for Prosperity yu sheng platters. Prices in S$.
Source: Goodwood Park Hotel. Options for Prosperity yu sheng platters. Prices in S$.

Prosperity amberjack lo hei (鸿运鰤鱼捞起)
Available only for dine-in at Min Jiang Dine-in: S$168++ for large portion

The delicate amberjack takes centrestage in this yu sheng creation by Master Chef Chan Hwan Kee of Min Jiang. Topped with shredded Japanese pickled turnips, the amberjack slices are complemented by a colourful medley of crisp vegetables such as wild arugula, yellow frisee lettuce, red sorrel, red mustard greens, carrot, baby radish and white radish.

For added texture, crispy strips of fried sweet potato and baked cod, along with pine nuts, sesame seeds, crushed peanuts, jellyfish, wasabi caviar tobiko and red caviar tobiko are included. The homemade dressing is a piquant mix of mustard, lime juice, as well as a blend of goma (sesame), peanut and plum sauces. Chef Chan personally illustrates each plate with a rooster standing in front of a bamboo forest.

Prosperity amberjack lo hei (鸿运鰤鱼捞起) at Min Jiang.
Prosperity amberjack lo hei (鸿运鰤鱼捞起) at Min Jiang.

Fruity lo hei with rosemary plum sauce (迎春水果蔬菜捞起)
Available only for dine-in at Min Jiang at One-North. S$78++ for a small portion, $128++ for a large portion

The fruit-based lohei by Master Chef Goh Chee Kong of Min Jiang at One-North is given an aromatic lift with a new rosemary plum sauce. Arranged within a circle of finely sliced black plums are julienned slices of mango, dragon fruit and rockmelon, surrounding scoops of watermelon. This lohei is served with romaine lettuce, carrot, green radish, white radish, yellow frisee lettuce, snow pear, pomelo, pine nuts, peanuts, sesame seeds, as well as lotus root chips and crispy strips of fried yam and sweet potato.

Fruity lo hei with rosemary plum sauce at Min Jiang at One North.
Fruity lo hei with rosemary plum sauce at Min Jiang at One North.

Trio of nian gao (步步高升)
Available for dine-in only at Min Jiang, S$27++ for nine pieces, S$36++ for 12 pieces and S$45++ for 15 pieces.

New this year is a platter that celebrates the niangao, a sticky cake made of rice flour eaten during the lunar new year, in three ways – deep-fried yuan yang sesame nian gao, ondeh-ondeh inspired nian gao and chilled durian nian gao roll – providing varying textures, flavours and temperatures for an unparallelled niangao experience.

The durian nian gao roll (榴梿年糕卷) is also available by itself for dine-in at Min Jiang and Min Jiang at One-North, as are the other two niangao flavours. D24 durian paste is embraced by layers of gula Melaka-infused niangao and sprinkled with coconut flakes. It costs S$28++ for six slices.

Prosperity savoury highlights*
Available for dine-in and takeaway at Min Jiang and Min Jiang at One-North

Prosperity Fa Cai 8 Treasures Duck (发财八宝葫芦鸭)
Dine-in: S$188++ for eight to 10 persons
Takeaway: S$201.15 nett for eight to 10 persons

Introduced in 2009 by Master Chef Goh Chee Kong from Min Jiang at One-North, this popular one-pot delicacy comprises boneless duck stuffed with ‘eight treasures’; ‘ling zhi’ mushrooms, flower mushrooms, sea cucumber, dried scallops, euryale seeds (芡实), black moss, fresh chestnuts and water chestnuts.

Prosperity set menus at Min Jiang*

Dine-in set menus for festive feasting are priced at S$98++ and S$128++ per person for a minimum of two. Menus for larger parties range from S$538++ per table of six to S$1,688++ per table of 10. Vegetarian set menu options are also available. Prosperity yu sheng is included in all dine-in and takeaway set menus.

Prosperity set menus at Min Jiang at One-North* 

Menus are priced at S$108++ and $128++ per person for menus designed for two to six people. Larger menus range from S$788++ to S$1,388++ per table of 10. A Bountiful Harvest menu is available at S$888++ for six, S$1,188++ for eight and S$1,498++ for 10. Prosperity yu sheng is included in all dine-in and takeaway set menus.

L’Espresso Lunar New Year afternoon tea buffet* 

Savour an English afternoon tea spread including Chinese New Year treats like chicken bak kwa, cheese croquette with golden orange dip and nian gao with yam beignet priced at S$68++ per adult and S$48++ per child. 


Availability for the Lunar New Year specials is from 12 January to 11 February 2017. Advance orders must be made at least five working days ahead for takeaways. Orders will be entertained till 6 February 2017, at 12 noon.

The L’Espresso Lunar New Year Afternoon Tea Buffet is available from 27 to 30 January 2017. There will be two sessions. The 1st seating is from 12pm to 2.30pm, and the 2nd seating from 3pm to 5.30pm.

Get the Lunar New Year goodies from the hotel’s Deli, while Prosperity Specials, yu sheng as well as dine-in àla carte and set menus will be available at the Min Jiang restaurant (Goodwood Park Hotel) and Min Jiang at One-North (5 Rochester Park) for lunch and dinner.

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All images from Goodwood Park Hotel.

*Prices stated are subject to 10% service charge and GST for dine-in, or indicated as ‘nett’ for takeaway. All information is correct at time of release.