30 December 2016

Rawstream launches free protection for Dropbox files

Internet security company Rawstream is launching free cloud antivirus software that protects cloud-based files on Dropbox for emerging market users who only use mobile devices.

Said Rawstream founder Brian Azzopardi: "We always thought it was unfair that people in developed markets had their Norton and McAfee antivirus software protecting their files on their laptops and PCs while emerging market users really had no protection. After all, Dropbox doesn't offer antivirus protection to users so their files in the cloud - everything that is important to them - are completely vulnerable to attack.

"SkyAV is for the people who don't have the iPhones, the Galaxies and other high-end Android phones. We made it free for them because we know that in many, if not most, cases they couldn't afford to buy it."

SkyAV is security-as-a-service. It scans files for viruses and malware from the cloud, so there is nothing to install on the phone and therefore no impact on phone performance. SkyAV also helps consumers save Dropbox storage space by compressing documents.


The first release of SkyAV on December 15 scans Dropbox folders. Google Drive support will launch in the second quarter of 2017.

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