18 February 2017

Chocolate to be the most popular indulgence product in Indonesia

Indonesians are now more aware of the benefits of chocolate if it is consumed in moderation, and continue to buy it as a snack or to gift on special occasions, boosting volume sales of chocolate confectionery in 2016, says research consultancy Euromonitor. In fact, chocolate confectionery is expected to continue as the most favoured indulgence product* for consumers of all ages in Indonesia, the company said.

Ceres PT has retained its clear leadership in chocolate confectionery with a value share of 52% in 2016, thanks to the company’s brand reputation, broad product offering and competitive pricing, Euromonitor said. Ceres markets several chocolate confectionery brands, including Silver Queen, Silver Queen Chunky and Delfi (tablets); Top (second leading countlines** brand); Delfi and Van Houten (boxed assortments); as well as Cha Cha and Chic Choc (chocolate pouches and bags). The company’s aggressive marketing campaigns have also contributed to its performance.

Euromonitor forecasts that chocolate confectionery is likely to post a healthy value CAGR of 6% in constant 2016 terms over the forecast period of 2016 to 2021.


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*An indulgence product is a luxury item which the buyer does not need and may feel guilty about purchasing. 

**Confectionery term for bars of candy or chocolate, often shipped to retailers in cartons. The contents are then sold individually.